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Custom Performance Program

When it comes to your business, every dollar counts. Let LADWP’s Custom Performance Program (CPP) incentives help you save even more! CPP pays you incentives for energy savings achieved through the implementation and installation of a variety of energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and equipment which meet or exceed minimum industry standards.

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Coming soon: On July 1, the Custom Performance Program will become Business Offerings for Sustainable Solutions (BOSS), and new measures and incentive rates will take effect. Contact us to learn more!


With CPP’s newly enhanced custom features, LADWP can tailor its program to better fit your project size and needs, expedite your application processing and maximize your savings and incentive potential.

Faster Payments

CPP’s Custom Express fast tracks our smaller, less energy intensive projects with deemed energy savings projections to help expedite your application processing and get you paid faster. 

Higher savings, higher incentives

CPP’s Custom Calculated conducts an in-depth energy savings analysis to custom calculate your individual efficiency project’s energy savings. By utilizing your facility’s existing conditions as baseline, CPP’s Custom Calculated maximizes your savings potential!

Among the many energy efficiency measures (EEMs) currently eligible for incentive through CPP are:

Energy Efficiency Measures


Controls/RCx measures may require pre and post trending. Contact the CPP program manager for details.

Incentive Level Measure Description
$0.15 / kWh VFDs for Domestic Water Pump Motors
$0.15 / kWh VFDs for Heating/Hot Water Pump Motors
$0.15 / kWh VFDs for Condenser & Chilled Water Pump Motors
$0.15 / kWh VFDs for Cooling Tower Fans Motors
$0.15 / kWh VFDs for HVAC Supply & Return Air Fan Motors
$0.15 / kWh VFDs for Other Processes, includes industrial, manufacturing, and other commercial and business processes
$0.15 / kWh VFD for Existing Centrifugal Compressor
$0.15 / kWh VFDs for Existing Screw Compressor
$0.15 / kWh Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)
$0.15 / kWh Evaporator Fan Controllers
$0.15 / kWh Anti-Sweat Heater (ASH) Controls

Controls that reduce or turn off the glass and frame anti-sweat heaters (ASH) during low ambient relative humidity periods or based on the amount of condensation formed on the inner glass pane. 

Must install a device that senses the relative humidity in the air outside of the display case and reduces or turns off the glass door (if applicable) and frame anti-sweat heaters at low humidity conditions. 

Equivalent technologies that can reduce or turn off anti-sweat heater based on the amount of condensation formed on the inner glass pane may also qualify.

Please provide brief description of display case(s) including location and corresponding line-up feet for each and total linear footage of the case(s) that is (are) subject to the anti-sweat heater controls.

Note: Measurement dimensions must be cited on invoice or supporting documentation.
$0.15 / kWh Economizers Installed on Existing HVAC Units
RCx Measures  
$0.15 / kWh The RCx measures include but are not limited to the 13 common controls and schedule based commercial building optimization measures. 

HVAC airside measures include: 
- Reduce supply fan operating schedule 
- Adjust airside economizers 
- Adjust zone temperature deadband 
- Add supply air temperature setpoint reset strategy
- Reduce supply duct static pressure setpoint
- Add supply duct static pressure setpoint reset strategy
- Add/restore supply fan VFD (Requires malfunctioning inlet guide vanes, or malfunctioning VFDs)

HVAC waterside measures include:
- Add/optimize boiler lockout
- Add chilled water supply temperature setpoint reset strategy
- Add condenser water supply temperature setpoint reset strategy
- Restore chilled water pump VFD

Lighting measures are:
- Reduce lighting operating schedule
- Restore lighting occupancy sensors


Plug/Process/Other measures may require pre and post trending. Contact the CPP program manager for details.

Incentive Level Measure Description
$0.15 / kWh Premium Efficiency Motors
$0.15 / kWh Carbon Monoxide Mitigation for Parking Structures
$0.15 / kWh Energy Management Systems
Must provide:
- Current system / Program operations
- Proposed system / Program operations
- Work scope & other project parameters
$0.15 / kWh Hotel Room Occupancy Sensors
- Must control HVAC
$0.15 / kWh Energy Efficient Data Centers
$0.15 / kWh Compressed Air System Upgrades
$0.15 / kWh High Efficiency Injection Molding Machines
$0.15 / kWh Pumping System Upgrades
$0.15 / kWh Elevator Modernization

HVAC-Refrigeration (includes Chillers and VRF)

Incentive Level Measure Description
$0.30 / kWh High Efficiency Package HVAC Units
$0.30 / kWh AC/Refrigeration Compressor Efficiency
- Measures Includes compressor replacement
$0.30 / kWh High Efficiency Direct Expansion (DX) System
$0.30 / kWh AC Economizers for Data Centers
$0.15 / kWh Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) for Evaporator Fan(s) for Reach-In Refrigerated Case(s) upgraded from Pole Motor(s)
- Minimum 1/20 HP
$0.25 / kWh Insulated Doors for Refrigerated Cases
- Must provide linear feet covered by the measure and motor HP and case set point temps
$0.30 / kWh Elevator Modernization


Incentive Level Measure Description
$0.25 / kWh High Efficiency Windows
- Windows must be ENERGY STAR® qualified
- Must provide Window Product Specifications
$0.25 / kWh Window Film
Window Film Product Specifications Eligibility Requirements:
- The window film must be installed on single-pane glass
- Space cooling must be vapor-compression AC (mechanical cooling), evaporative cooled and unconditioned space is not eligible
- The window film must have a minimum 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
- The window film must be National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified - Meet current code requirement: Relative Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (RSHGC) ≤ 0.31
- Window film with a certified Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) higher than 0.31 must have an overhang or other shading that will result in a RSHGC ≤ 0.31
- If the existing window already has window film, the existing film must first be removed and the existing film must be at least 13 years old
- Installations for multi-story buildings must encompass a minimum of one full floor to qualify"
$0.25 / kWh Cool Roofs
- Proposed cool roofs must meet minimum Title 24 requirements

Lighting and Controls

Lighting - Fixture Replacement/Retrofit, Lamp Only Replacement and Controls

Please visit the Commercial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP) webpage at for lighting incentive rates and requirements.*

Incentive Level Measure Description

*Limited Time Pilot* - New Film Set Lighting Measure
Film Set Lighting Requirements include:

  • Pre-existing fixtures must be disposed of
  • Lighting cannot be removed from the premise
  • Off-site set lighting is ineligible
  • Annual hours of operation capped at 1,000 hours per year or the lifespan of the existing lamp/fixture if less than 1,000 hours
  • Interactive effects and controls are ineligible


Please submit completed Film Set Lighting Measure Spreadsheet with application.

*Applications submitted for lighting measures other than Film Set Lighting will be accepted only when submitted in conjunction with another non-lighting CPP-qualified measure. The CPP-qualified measure must achieve a minimum of 100,000 kWh in energy savings. Please refer to item #16 in the CPP Terms and Conditions.

Thermal Energy Storage

Plug/Process/Other measures may require pre and post trending. Contact the CPP program manager for details.

Incentive Level Measure Description
Up to $750 / kW Thermal Energy Storage - Peak load shift
Contact CPP staff for a copy of the Formal Agreement Must provide:
- Schematic drawings and/or manufacturer specification sheets, if applicable
- Energy savings calculations
- Computer simulations using LADWP approved software

If the EEM you plan to install is NOT listed above, please email details of your project/EEM to [email protected] for review. 

CPP Incentive Levels

Incentive levels for energy savings by category:

Incentive Categories Incentive Levels
Controls/RCx $0.15 / kWh
Plug/Process/Other $0.15 / kWh
(includes Chillers & VRF)
$0.30 / kWh
Envelope $0.25 / kWh
Film Set Lighting $0.08 / kWh
(Fixture Replacement/Retrofit)
Tier 2 – Conforming
(Tier 2 – Conforming)
$0.24 per / kWh*
(Fixture Replacement/Retrofit)
Tier 1 – Non-conforming
(Tier 1 – Non-conforming)
$0.08 / kWh*
Lighting Controls $0.15 / kWh*
Lighting (Lamp-Only) $0.08 / kWh*
Thermal Energy Storage Up to $750 / kW

Cap 75% of project cost
*Cap 100% applies only to measures under lighting categories

Important Notices

As LADWP is unable to guarantee estimated energy savings amounts, LADWP will provide energy savings and incentive calculations only upon completion of the project and verification of the energy savings.

For thermal energy storage and high impact projects whose estimated incentive exceeds $150,000, LADWP will pay 50% of the recommended cash incentive upon installation of the EEM. The remaining 50% of incentives will be paid after successful commissioning and measurement and verification is conducted after a maximum of twelve (12) months of operation. (See #27 of the CPP Terms & Conditions)

Participation Requirements

Must be an LADWP Non-Residential electric customer in good standing.  All projects require a pre-inspection of the existing equipment and baseline conditions. Non-compliance will jeopardize eligibility for an incentive payment. In most cases the newly installed equipment must replace existing equipment. Please contact CPP staff for details. The incentives are reserved on a first-come, first served basis until funds are exhausted.

How to apply

Read the CPP Terms and Conditions. Read the participation requirements and determine if you qualify. 

Prior to starting the project, submit the following forms:

  • Completed Efficiency Solutions Non-Residential Program Application Form (Part A) and the CPP Supplemental Form (Part B)
  • Authorization Form (if applicable)
  • Completed CPP Excel Workbook and any applicable measure input (weather files) forms
  • Project information, description, scope of work
  • Energy Savings Calculation, Energy Model or Measurement & Verification plan (if available)
  • Completed and signed IRS Form W-9
  • Photos of existing equipment
  • Other project specific documents, including new equipment specification sheets 

The application along with the required documents may be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] or sent using the mail service of your choice to:  

  • LADWP Efficiency Solutions Non-Residential Programs
    Attn: Custom Performance Program 
    111 N. Hope Street, JFB Room 1057
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

An Authorization Form is required if you are a vendor, contractor, or any third party submitting an application on behalf of an LADWP customer. The signed authorization form must grant you or your company permission to submit the CPP application and/or act on their behalf for some or all aspects of the incentive process.

A CPP Program Manager (PM) will be assigned to your project and will contact you to confirm receipt of the application. 

LADWP will then contact you to schedule the pre-inspection.

Before starting the project, you must wait for written approval from LADWP. Once approval is received, you may proceed with the installation and implementation of the measure(s).

Projects not completed within 12 months of LADWP approval (Offer Letter) may be cancelled and reserved funds returned to the program fund.

Once the measures are installed and implemented, you must submit:

  • Completed CPP Installation Report
  • Completed and signed IRS Form W-9
  • Completed Payment Assignment Form, if eligible and applicable
  • Copies of itemized invoices and any other project cost documentation
  • Revised energy model or post trend data, if applicable

After all required documents are received, LADWP will contact you to schedule the post-inspection. 
If there were any changes to the scope of work, the project will be re-evaluated to determine the revised energy savings and incentive amount.

After the installation and energy savings are verified, the PM will review all documentation and process the incentive payment. It may take 8 to 12 weeks to receive payment once the energy savings are confirmed.

This program shall at all times be subject to change or termination without notice.


By applying for an LADWP rebate and/or program, personal information provided may be subject to public disclosure by requesting parties, pursuant to the California Public Records Act.