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Resiliency and Reliability

Water and power support the quality of life and vitality of our customers and our communities. LADWP consistently works to upgrade and modernize the city's water and power infrastructure to ensure our customers receive safe, reliable and affordable service.

Ensuring Reliability

For both water and power, LADWP ranks high in reliability performance metrics.  LADWP continues to improve efficiency and response to emergencies by coordinating emergency response among the water system, power system, cybersecurity, communications and other teams that support the entire Department.  

Power Performance

Ranked in first quartile for system interruption frequency and duration, based on 2022 benchmarking study.

Water Performance

Less than 19 leaks per 100 miles of pipes in fiscal year 2022-23—well below the national average of 25 leaks per 100 miles of pipes.

Power Infrastructure

This past year LADWP's Power System invested $1.1 million to accelerate inspection, maintenance, repairs and replacement of electrical equipment, hire essential personnel, proactively trim trees encroaching on power lines and other measures to ensure reliability and resilience of the power system. We also overhauled a real-time electronic outage map and implemented new policies to keep customers informed about outages. Additionally, each year we update our Wildfire Mitigation Plan to keep customers safe, and power service reliable and resilient. 

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Power Resiliency and Reliability

Planned and sustained infrastructure replacement is a cost-efficient and highly effective approach to maintaining reliability. LADWP has invested significantly in the proactive replacement and upgrade of aging and undersized electrical equipment, with approximately $1.4 billion budgeted in FY 2023-24.

Through our Power System Reliability Program (PSRP), LADWP proactively inspects power equipment to identify needed repairs related to distribution, substation, transmission and generation infrastructure that is the backbone of L.A.'s power grid. Learn more about LADWP's Power System infrastructure. 

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Water Infrastructure

In the water system, LADWP continues to proactively upgrade water distribution through a $6.3 billion five-year water capital plan, ensuring our water service is reliable with seismic resilient pipes to protect against earthquakes, and replacing older mainlines and trunk lines to ensure future reliability.

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Water Resiliency and Reliability

LADWP maintains a vast water system with about 7,340 miles of mainlines and trunk lines, which are critical to reliably delivering high quality water to Los Angeles residents and businesses. With a large percentage of our pipe installed at the turn of the last century, we are working to accelerate the replacement and upgrade of aging water mains and riveted-steel trunk lines. Learn more about LADWP's Water System infrastructure.