The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), as a department of the City of Los Angeles (City), uses the City’s civil service system to fill most entry-level and promotional job vacancies. As openings occur, City departments interview candidates who have completed the civil service application and testing process.


Applying for a Job

    The City and the LADWP use a civil service system of employment and promotion. This means that you will be requested to take an examination to be considered for employment. The civil service system is based on the principles of merit, fairness, and equal employment opportunities. If you are interested in a particular job, you must:

    1. Determine whether the job/position is currently open for filing an application. You will find a listing of all open jobs on the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department website, by calling the City’s job hotline at (213) 473-9310, or by visiting the Personnel Department's main building or satellite offices.
    2. If a job is open for filing, you need to fill out a City of Los Angeles Application Form, along with any supplemental forms required, on or before the closing date listed on the bulletin. Application Forms can be filled out and submited on the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department website. Paper applications are accepted only when advertised on the job bulletin.
    3. Once you have submitted your application, you will be notified by mail of the date, time, and location of the examination for the job you applied for.

    Understanding a Job Bulletin

      The job bulletin for a City of Los Angeles (City) examination contains several important pieces of information. You should always review job bulletins thoroughly when applying for a position with the City which can be found on the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department website.

      Salary – The salary for the job is listed here. Starting salaries are not negotiable.

      Duties – A very brief description of the duties are listed here. You should note that this description is purposely made general because several different positions will exist in the classification with slightly different functions. For a more complete description of the duties and responsibilities of the class, see Class Specification Information.

      Requirements – There are often several different requirements for a particular job with the City. It is very important that this section is read carefully before you apply for a job with the City. Be sure to note that there may be more than one requirement for a particular position.

      Where to Apply – You can apply for the position or you may apply for all positions online on the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department website. Paper applications are accepted only when advertised on the job bulletin. If you do not have access to a computer, there are computers available at City Personnel Department facilities and City libraries.

      Application Deadline – You must apply before the deadline noted. The application process can take some time, so always apply as soon as possible.

      Selection Process – The selection process for each classification will vary. There may be written tests, interviews, physical abilities tests, or other performance tests as part of the selection process. The bulletin will also note the subject matter that is covered by each test part. This is your best way to know how to prepare for the examination.

      Notes – Always read through the notes section of the bulletin. There is often important additional information listed here.


      Taking Civil Service Exams

        Civil Service Examinations are made up of one or more different test parts. These tests are used to determine an applicant’s qualifications for the job to be performed and to place all the applicants on a ranked eligibility list from which they will be selected by hiring City Departments.

        To help you get an idea of what the qualifications for the classification are and what will be tested for during the examination, review the Class Specification Information. The job bulletin for the examination will also give you more information about what will be examined during each of the test parts. To ensure that all candidates receive the same information, the LADWP and the Personnel Department are unable to direct candidates to specific study materials. Our only suggestion is for candidates to review the examination announcement that describes those factors that will be covered in the examination.

        Once you successfully take and pass the exam and are placed on the eligibility list, the LADWP will request a certification. A certification is a list of those candidates who are eligible to be considered for employment based on their examination results. The highest scoring candidates will be notified by mail to contact the department and to advise the department if they are interested in being considered for employment. After candidates on a certification list advise the department that they are available to be considered for the job, the candidate will participate in the department's internal selection process. In many cases a department's internal selection process is an interview, at which time candidates can discuss their qualifications as they relate to the specific position being filled.

        This process can be lengthy, but sometimes good things are worth the wait.