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Supplier Diversity

LADWP is committed to diversity in contracting by ensuring that our expenditures promote the financial growth and stability of small firms and businesses. Our Supplier Diversity Office administers programs, implements strategies, and conducts vendor outreach in support of LADWP’s business inclusion and supplier diversity goals. We encourage the participation of all businesses, including, but not limited to:

  • Small Business Enterprises (SBEs)
  • Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises (DVBEs)
  • Emerging Business Enterprises (EBEs)
  • Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBEs)
  • Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBEs)
  • LGBT-Owned Business Enterprises (LGBTBEs)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)
  • Local Business Enterprises (LBEs)

Small Business Enterprise/Disabled-Veterans Business Enterprise Participation Program

The SBE/DVBE Participation Program is a race and gender-neutral program that provides construction and service contracting opportunities for small, disabled-veteran owned, and other businesses. Under this program, certain contracts are required to include an SBE/DVBE participation percentage. The program is applied only to Board-awarded RFPs, Service IFBs, Rental with Operators, and Construction IFBs. It is not applied to Material, Equipment, Bare Rental, and Single/Sole Source purchases. LADWP's overall annual SBE and DVBE participation goals are set at 25% and 3% respectively.

Outreach Efforts

The Supplier Diversity Office develops and facilitates contracting opportunities and LADWP-specific small business education with our partners in industry, advocacy groups, trade organizations, business chambers, and other government agencies.



The City of Los Angeles Regional Alliance Marketplace for Procurement (RAMPLA) is the official City of L.A. contracting portal and registration is required for doing business with LADWP. RAMPLA features self-registration for vendors and access to manage vendor profiles.

Business Certification

Get certified with the City of L.A. through the Bureau of Contract Administration.


SupplyLine is a quarterly newsletter that includes an 18-month look-ahead for upcoming LADWP contracting opportunities.

LADWP Supplier Diversity Office

Contact us for any supplier diversity questions you may have:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (213) 367-3732

LADWP Procurement

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