The LADWP Science Bowl is the official regional qualifying tournament to the U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl competition for public, private, and parochial schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District geographic area. LADWP Science Bowl regional championships teams have won five national titles and placed among the top five teams nationally 15 times.

LADWP 2024 Science Bowl Dates

Science Bowl Scrimmage
Saturday, January 27, 2024
7 a.m. to 11 a.m.
111 N. Hope St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Science Bowl Regional Competition
Saturday, March 2, 2024
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
111 N. Hope St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Information below for applying to participate in the LADWP 2024 Regional Science Bowl Competition.

Science Bowl students
North Hollywood High School Team A vs North Hollywood Team B in the final round of competition at the LADWP 2023 Regional Science Bowl on March 4.

Applying to Participate in 2024 LADWP Science Bowl Regional Competition

All coaches must register their Science Bowl teams online at the National Science Bowl website.

Preregistration of Schools

  • Coaches may preregister their schools online at the National Science Bowl website without having to identify the students who will be on their team(s).
  • Preregistration will open October 2, 2023 and continues through the Registration of Teams deadline.

    The deadline for online registration and form submission is December 15, 2023.

Email questions to Kit San Lai and Melia Asucan, Science Bowl Registration Coordinators, [email protected]

Schools may apply for a second team, which will be selected for any competition openings according to the following criteria:

New Science Bowl Theme Contest Information

For the first time the Science Bowl Committee is offering students or student teams the opportunity to provide the theme title for the 2024 LADWP Science Bowl Competition. This contest is open from September 15 to November 15, 2023. There are prizes for first through third places.

For the theme contest rules, application and parent consent forms, please see below.

Video Stipend Program for Students or Student Teams

Prior to 2021, LADWP offered students or student teams the opportunity to develop short videos of 2 to 10 minutes in length to showcase their school’s team practicing for and participating in the LADWP 2024 Science Bowl Competition. Up to four $1,000 stipends will be provided for winning students or student teams.

For the video stipend rules, applications and parental consent forms, please see below.

Additional Information


    Registering of Volunteers for the Scrimmage Event and Regional Competition

    1. Each volunteer should complete and submit the Science Bowl Volunteer Form online:
      Science Bowl Volunteer Form (one per volunteer)
    2. For changes to availability and preference, please complete and resend the form online.
    3. Online submission will be finalized on the Wednesday before each event.

    NOTE: Please contact the Science Bowl Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] for last minute changes after event online submission has been finalized.

    Additional Information


    LADWP Science Bowl Scrimmage Practice Sessions (1 Hour) at JFB Room 1071
    Sessions for Moderators, Timekeepers, and Scorekeepers

    Wednesday, January 17 11:30 AM
    Thursday, January 18 11:30 AM
    Wednesday, January 24 11:30 AM
    Thursday, January 25 11:30 AM

    LADWP Science Bowl Regional Practice Sessions (1 Hour) at JFB Room 1071
    Sessions for Moderators, Timekeepers, and Scorekeepers

    Wednesday, February 7 11:30 AM
    Thursday, February 8 11:30 AM
    Wednesday, February 14 11:30 AM
    Thursday, February 15 11:30 AM
    Wednesday, February 21 11:30 AM
    Thursday, February 22 11:30 AM
    Wednesday, February 28 11:30 AM
    Thursday, February 29 11:30 AM
    Friday, March 1 11:30 AM

    LADWP Contact Information

    If you have questions on volunteer registration, please refer to the link “Science Bowl Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)”. If you have additional questions, please send an email to [email protected].


      LADWP Science Bowl Documentary

      In years prior to 2021, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power hosted the Los Angeles Regional Science Bowl competition in downtown LA. Participants for several LA schools came to demonstrate their mastery of math and science, and display their competitive spirit included in this video coverage where we saw the Semi-Final and Final Competition that lead to one team going to the National Science Bowl in Washington DC. We also recap how they did at the nationals!

      LADWP Science Bowl Student Documentary

      Video showcasing the talents, hard work, and knowledge of the city's brightest high school students as they participate in the semi-final and final matches of the LADWP Science Bowl competition.




      North Hollywood High School Team A won the regional title.

      North Hollywood High School Team A Wins LADWP 2023 Science Bowl

      In a tight and exciting match during the final competition round against its school’s Team B, North Hollywood High’s A Team won the regional title as time expired. The final score was 92 to 86.

      As the winner of this final match North Hollywood’s Team A is the regional champion and will compete for the national title. It will represent the City at the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C. April 27 to May 1.

      The school also receives the Melinda Rho Memorial Trophy named for the longtime Science Bowl volunteer who was also LADWP’s Water Quality Division’s Manager of Regulatory Affairs. Melinda passed away in retirement in 2019. Team members also received the $1,000 Hitachi Scholarship.

      In addition to North Hollywood’s Team B winning second place, Harvard Westlake High School won third place honors and Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES) placed fourth.

      Science Bowl follows a game show format in which a moderator asks college level math, science and technology toss-up and bonus questions to two teams of four students each. Also, each team has an alternate.

      LADWP regional championship teams have been very successful at the National Science Bowl. Since Los Angeles schools began competing in this program starting in 1993, teams have won five national championships and 15 first through fifth place trophies.

      The Hands-On Competition for teams that did not advance from the morning rounds was won by Chaminade High School. Its school won the Franklin Lu Memorial Trophy named for the LADWP Electrical Engineer and Science Bowl Volunteer who was instrumental in developing this part of the program. He passed away in 2001. Team members also won the $500 LADWP Scholarship Gift Card Award. The hands-on competition activity changes every year.

      Ramon Cortines Visual and Performing Arts High School captured third place with Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School placing third and Downtown Business High School placing fourth.

      In this part of the program teams were tasked with assembling a grabber device and then carrying household items to one of two containers. The container farther away earned more points.