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Interconnection Program for NEM (PV), BESS, and Cogeneration Projects

LADWP’s Interconnection Program for Net Energy Metering (NEM), Battery Energy Storage (BESS), and Co-Generation is a key strategy to meeting renewable energy goals and harnessing local renewable energy resources.

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LADWP Interconnections Program streamlines customer’s access to interconnecting projects that support all Angelenos and their ability to tap into the City’s abundant sunshine.

Residents and businesses alike can possess the power to generate power - greener and cleaner - and so close to home. Solar (PV), BESS, and Co-Gen projects are beneficial in many other ways. These projects help support the reliability of LADWP’s power grid. They will also bring economic benefits to Los Angeles as these projects are often a catalyst for creating jobs and further stimulating the budding green economy in the City of LA.

Interconnection Process Overview and Documents

A bird’s eye view of our process for NEM, BESS, and Co-Generation projects within the City of Los Angeles.

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NEM Incentives

Program funds are no longer available for new applications. A waitlist has been created and will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Ready to Go Green? Begin a DWP Interconnection Application for a NEM, BESS, and/or Co-Generation installation here.